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4 Things to Do With Personal Loan for Chartered Accountants

Personal Loan

Are you a reputed Chartered Accountant who is unable to fulfil your many wishes because of a lack of a funding option?

You need not rely on your income and savings to fulfill your wishes such as going on a vacation, debt consolidation, home renovation and more.

Yes, a modern finance option in the form of the personal loan for Chartered Accountants is available to help CAs accomplish their many desires at lower CA loan rates.

What is the personal loan for Chartered Accountants?

A personal loan for Chartered Accountant is nothing but a customized version of a personal loan which is offered only to Chartered Accountants. Many banks and non-banking finance companies offer up to Rs.35 lakhs to CAs to cover their needs.

So, be it your desire to pay off your existing debt, have a dream wedding, remodeling your home, paying for child’s overseas’ education and more, you can rely on a personal loan for Chartered Accountant.

4 ways you can utilize the personal loan for Chartered Accountants

As the name suggests, the personal loan for Chartered Accountants is entirely for the purposes best known to a CA.

However, of all the things that CAs do with the personal loan for Chartered Accountants, there are some known things that you should know. Have a look!

1. To have a dream destination wedding

Who does not want to have a dream wedding? All of us, right? As a marriage is a once in a life celebration that needs to be enjoyed, why let a lack of fund spoil your mood. If you are a practicing Chartered Accountant you can avail an amount as high as Rs.35 lakh to cover many needs of a dream wedding. The personal loan for Chartered Accountants comes with a flexible tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months to help you repay it easily.

2. To consolidate your debt

Sometimes, it may happen that you may have many ongoing debts such as credit cards outstanding, auto loans and more. The EMIs for these must be eating a considerable chunk of your monthly income. Thus, why not use a personal loan for Chartered Accountant, pay off all other debts and pay just one EMI instead of many? Yes, you can utilize a personal loan for CAs to pay off your existing debts as well.

3. To renovate your home

Many Chartered Accountants are unable to renovate their homes with all modern amenities because their income and savings don’t allow it. Renovating your home as per your taste is possible when you avail the personal loan for Chartered Accountants. Be it refurbishing your kitchen interiors, or having a classic wardrobe, lightings, bathroom fittings and more, you can opt for the personal loan for Chartered Accountants to fulfil all desires.

4. To send your child for overseas education

Educating your child at the best institute is your responsibility if you want to see them secure a decent job later. For this purpose, you will need a large sum of money and that’s where apply for chartered accountants loan can always help.

Personal loan for Chartered Accountants – Quick features and benefits

Other than offering you a high amount of up to Rs.35 lakh at lower CA loan interest rates, the personal loan for Chartered Accountants also comes with lots of features.

  • Money in the bank in 24 hours – You can expect the loan amount to be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.
  • Flexi loan facility – You can withdraw any amount as many times out of your total limit within the tenor and pay only the interest as EMIs and nothing else.
  • You can adjust the remaining amount after the end of the tenor.
  • Flexi repayment tenor – You can enjoy a flexible tenor as wider as 12 and 60 months to help to pay off the loan without feeling the burden.
  • Online account access – You can access all loan information whenever you want via the digital customer portal of the lenders.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the things that you can do with the personal loan for Chartered Accountants, apply for it online and fulfill all your wish super-easy! All the best!

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