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Top 10 Ways To Win Money In Online Competitions

Win Money

If you want to learn how to win money online, this article is for you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have extra cash in your pockets that you don’t need to work for? It’s always a pleasure winning prizes from contests.

I am a huge fan of entering contests when I have time. I’ve been lucky enough to win cash, the latest technology, and the occasional holiday. A few lucky people have made a profession of competitions and participate in hundreds of free contests daily. Another benefit of winning cash is the fact that here in the UK, it’s tax-free.

Although I’m sure we’d like to win some money, it takes lots of work (and good luck!). Many competitions require minimal effort and offer an opportunity to win cash online or through cash-winning apps.

You can win money online by participating in daily contests. Here are a few websites that can offer the possibility of winning cash online every day:

HOW CAN YOU SELL Money on the internet?

The chance to win money online is a matter of chance. There are strategies for increasing your odds of winning cash and prizes. Here are some tips for comping to boost your odds of winning a prize:

  • Participate in the daily draw for prizes
  • Check to see whether you’re a winner. Hundreds of people have been able to claim their prizes.
  • Invite your family and friends to join – this could occasionally result in more entries.
  • Do not make it clear that you participate in a lot of contests (avoid names such as “Comper101”)
  • Read the conditions and terms. You may need to take your prize back within a specified period.
  • Don’t be down when you don’t succeed.
  • Profit from no-cost bonuses at casinos. deals


You could feel like you’re winning by getting free cash from many deals. Many companies offer sign-up offers to get you to become one of their most loyal customers. I frequently review my list of money-saving offers for free to make sure you can claim the available free money. My top choices are:

  • Zilch £10 Free Register an account on the Zilch account, complete the ID verification process and purchase the free £10 Gift card.
  • Cashapp £5 is free Join today to Cashapp by using coupon discount code RSLHCDD to get £5 for free when you transfer £5 in the next 14 days.
  • Monzo £5 for free (free) Monzo offers an online banking application. You can avail of £5 for free when you create an account and then make a payment within 30 days.


Everything is a new debit card that gives you the chance of winning cash every time you shop. Join the waitlist to get no cost and win tokens to unlock rewards, which include participation in every week’s £1,000 cash prize!

  • Register by clicking on this link
  • Enter your telephone number.
  • Respond to the SMS message by providing the email you have entered.


JamDoughnut can be one of my top cashback apps. You win cashback whenever you purchase gift cards. I’ve used the app to purchase gifts for the local grocery store and saved £100s!

You’ll receive 100 £1 points if you sign up using my JamDoughnut referral code BKHT and 400 (£4) when you purchase the first gift card with the app.

In addition, they’re running a competition where you could take home the £50 voucher in July. Spend a gift card at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Deliveroo, M&S or John Lewis, and you’ll be entered into an opportunity to take home a £50 voucher.

Pick My Postcode (£800plus)

Sign up with your email and postal code(registered with the government of England) to be in the running to win a prize of up to £800 every day. The daily winner has to go to the website and hit the “Collect” button when their postcode is selected. Should the winner(s) not take Who will roll over their prizes on the date that their postcode is selected, the pot of cash prize to the following day. This means you can create daily email reminders to ensure you aren’t oblivious to checking the free lottery to all postcodes!

There are many good reasons to sign-up to Pick My Postcode, such as:

  • There is no cost to you.
  • It won’t result in spam if you don’t add your email address to these subscriptions.
  • It’s easy to keep track of it since you’re provided with a reminder-an hourly timer-to know when the next draw is scheduled to take place.

EVERUP (WIN Cash in the DAILY Draw)

Participate in daily raffles and win cash prizes each week for absolutely free. win 500,000 coins more to play games once you sign up for a bank account. I’ve won more than £2,000 from EverUp during the past year.

  • Join EverUp to EverUp
  • Set up a cash account
  • Make use of coupon code REMM3001241UNAQI to be eligible for the free draw.
  • Optional: Add £25 into your EverUp account to access Manchester’s game. Manchester game.

Download EverUp

Win a dinner (£20)

Join a dinner to win cash (either the £30 gift card, £20 direct to PayPal or a charitable donation). Each day new winners are chosen at 4 pm. The unclaimed winnings roll over and can be offered to a different user during the next draw. I keep track of this daily since my mother was lucky enough to win a £30 eating voucher last month!

In addition to the possibility of winning the chance to eat for free, There are many other reasons to join the chance to win A Dinner:

  • The personal information and details you provide when you sign up on this site aren’t shared with anyone else.
  • There’s a myriad of restaurants you can redeem electronic vouchers to eat at from.

FREE BIRTHDATE Lottery (£10/£5)

Join the Birthdate Lottery for 2 chances to win cash (£10/£5) each day. The lottery picks a random birthday to be a winner every day. The winner has to claim their prize through the website. This is a fantastic opportunity to win an extra amount of money to go out with your family or even purchase yourself a little reward.

In addition, aside from your birthday, there are other occasions when you could potentially be the lucky winner of the draw! There are also surveys or referral draws as well as incentive draw.

SPARE RENT ROOM (WIN Money to cover your RENT)

Each month Spare Room covers the cost of rent for a month. Once a year, a person can win their rent for the entire year! But, the competition is only available to UK rent-paying tenants in a house or flat sharers over 18. SpareRoom will also help the community and give a proportion of their monthly prize to Crisis (a charity for homeless people).

Win you the price of rent


Freemoji Lottery was established in the year 2016. Choose your preferred emoji, and then go to freemojilottery.com daily to find out whether you’ve won. You can claim your prize on the website and get it through PayPal in 10 working days.


One of my favorite places to locate competitions for free to participate in is through social media. Many large brands offer the chance to win their products via their channels for social media. The most effective way to locate the offers is to search for these popular competition hashtags:

  • #WinItWednesday
  • #FreebieFriday

Be sure to read the entry requirements for the giveaway. They often require a retweet, a comment or a like. A majority of my winnings in competitions came from competitions on social media, specifically Twitter. A lot of companies want to market their services via social media. Personalized pins or stickers and other items with their logos are typical prizes for giveaways.

Final WORD

Daily winners are selected from registered users. Who must claim daily winners the prize for a specified duration of time? Thus, if not claimed, most prizes are carried over to the following day. If you’re considering ways to win cash, reviewing the conditions and terms of any giveaway you take part in is an excellent idea.

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