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The 10 Best Money Saving Sites for 2023

money saving sites

Have you kept your new year’s resolutions?

Is your dedication to the gym waning?

At the point where most resolutions begin to be broken we are here to help you out.

Well with at least one of them anyway. – to help you save more money in 2023!!

With the average UK household now £54,000 in debt finding clever ways to save money has never been more important. This week we bring you a countdown of the 10 best money saving websites that can help you to save more this year.

10) Groupon


Groupon is a website that provides great discount deals in your local area. From eating out to events, getaways and more, you are sure to find something for just a fraction of the normal price. Never pay the recommended retail price again!!

Website: http://www.groupon.co.uk/

9) LiftShare


It now costs £3500 each year to run the average car. It is no wonder then that we have mentioned on a number of occasions how ditching the car can save you a small fortune. LiftShare is a site that can help you do just that. Simply enter where you are going and when. To either find a lift or offer one. Sharing the price of fuel could potentially save you £1000’s each year.

Website: https://liftshare.com/uk

Live in the middle of nowhere and can’t get a ride! How about saving money on petrol?? If so we recommend visiting: http://www.petrolprices.com/

 8) Say No To 0870

Say No To 0870

Fed up of calling premium rate numbers? Who wouldn’t be with the costs involved!! Now there is a solution, type the name of the company you wish to call. Then Say No to 0870 will provide you with a local rate or even free-phone alternative for you. Never worry about that phone bill again!

Website: http://www.saynoto0870.com/

7) Travel Supermarket

Travel Supermarket

We all deserve a nice break from time to time. Be it a weekend away or a couple of weeks in the sun. That’s why the average UK family of 4 now spends almost £3500 on their annual holiday. The equivalent of 2 months’ pay for someone on an average salary of £26,000 per year.

Whether you plan your holiday months in advance or scramble for a last-minute deal. Travel Supermarket has something for you. You can also compare travel insurance, car hire and airport parking prices too. Save hundreds or even thousands on your holiday this year!!

Website: www.travelsupermarket.com

 6) Money Magpie

What sets Money Magpie apart from the masses of money saving sites out there. Is the information and tips they provide you on how to earn an extra income. Not only could you save more this year. You could earn more too!!

Website: http://www.moneymagpie.com/

 5) My Supermarket

My Supermarket

Did you know you can save up to 25% percent on your weekly shop just by making a shopping list!! How about saving even more than that?

Well My Supermarket helps you do just that, by comparing the prices of your chosen items at all the major supermarkets. Always pay the lowest price and potentially save thousands each year.

Website: http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/

 4) Freecycle


Whatever you are looking for it is likely someone is giving it away on Freecycle!! Although you will probably have to go and collect the item of your choosing, the amount you could save is huge.

With furniture, electronics, trampolines (Yes, even trampolines) and more available for free. Try not to get too carried away. Search in your local area and stick to things you really need for the best results.

Website: http://uk.freecycle.org/

3) Skint Dad

Skint Dad

There are a number of great money saving blogs. But if we could name our favorite it would be Skint Dad. If you have a family and would like good honest down to earth advice this is the place for you. With new posts, almost daily, you are sure to find something new every time you visit.

This site has been featured by many of the major newspapers and also on TV.

Website: http://skintdad.co.uk/

2) The Energy Shop

The Energy Shop

The average UK household is paying £405 too much each year on their energy bills. This is where a site like The Energy Shop comes in handy.

The awarding winning, free and independent energy comparison website enables you to get the best deal possible on your household bills. Never pay over the odds again!!!

Website: https://www.theenergyshop.com/HomeEnergy/

1) Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert

If we could only recommend one site to you this would be it. Whatever money advice you need Money Saving Expert is sure to be the place for you.

From loans to shopping, there is a wealth of information on the site that is continually updated. Should you be unable to find the answer you need on the website. This is where the sites biggest benefit comes. Its users!! You are almost guaranteed that someone in the forum will know the answer to your question. If not, why not tweet Martin Lewis directly?

Website: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/


Never before has so much great money saving advice been available online.

Today we provided you with the best 10 money saving websites, but it does not have to end there. You can also check out The Times article that published a list of more than 50 money websites here.

All the information you need to save more in 2023 is out there.

Make saving money a resolution you keep for a lifetime!

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