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Revolutionizing Air Compression: Introducing MGF’s Smart IoT-Enabled Compressors

Revolutionizing Air Compression: Introducing MGF's Smart IoT-Enabled Compressors

MGF compressors, founded by the current president Gabriele Fiani, was founded in 1977 as a company specialized in compressed air applications.

Thanks to the commitment and skill of its entire team, MGF has reached levels of development and productivity that make it a dynamic, globally competitive company and the reference point for compressed air systems and solutions.

MGF production is divided into dental/medical, professional, silent and industrial compressors; the development of such different ranges has allowed MGF to build an important level of know-how for the best customer satisfaction and also guarantee the company its continuous development.

Based on the experience developed over the years, MGF is also able to offer customized solutions to meet the needs of those customers who require special compressor applications.

Distinctive elements of MGF are the care of the needs of the end user: typical features of MGF compressors are the simple, complete and easy-to-understand instrumentation, the light and fast maintenance operations and the continuous effort to always improve the MGF after-sales service to guarantee its customers the peace of mind necessary to be focused on their work. MGF S.r.l. exports its products almost all over the world and its goal is to strengthen its commercial network currently based in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America with particular attention to the development of the Far East markets.

New products and new solutions:

MGF, with the aim of developing new technologies that improve product performance, is proud to introduce the new range of “smart” IoT compressors (internet of things) with Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to this new solution it is possible to monitor the compressor’s working parameters in real time and consequently organize maintenance operations and set alarms in good time.

It is the ideal solution to make the compressor even more performing and reliable and opens a direct channel with the service department of participating MGF specialized dealers, guaranteeing timely intervention.

All you have to do is download the new MGF APP and register the MGF compressor during installation, guaranteeing traceability in the event of a requirement by the manufacturer.

Maintenance work can be planned and organized in peace and quiet without disrupting normal business operations. IoT technology can be envisaged for compressors in different sectors: dental practices, laboratories, hospitals, universities and clinics, medical applications (sterilization rooms, endoscopes, ophthalmology, podiatry) and in the industrial sector (fire-fighting systems, technical gas systems, automation).

Reduce costs with an MGF IoT compressor

The benefits of a connected device and therefore in particular of a connected MGF compressor are really many and also concern the economic and resource-saving aspect.

Using an IoT connected compressor can lead to significant money savings. Here we are able to explain some strategies to maximize savings by using an IoT connected compressor from MGF.

  • Predictive maintenance: Constantly monitor the condition of the compressor and schedule maintenance only when it is really needed. This will reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Energy Efficiency Optimization: Uses data on the energy consumed and performance of the compressor to optimize its operation. You can adjust the working parameters according to the actual specific needs of the application, thus reducing energy costs.
  • Air leak monitoring: A connected compressor can detect air leaks in the system. Air leaks cause operating costs to increase due to wasted energy.
  • Remote Operations Management: A connected IoT MGF compressor can also be managed remotely. This allows you to be assisted by a team of expert technicians in case of need without limits of space and time, improving the efficiency and performance of the compressor.
  • Intelligent Operations Scheduling: Analyze collected data to identify peak and low demand periods. Intelligently plan compressor activity to meet the lowest energy consumption times.
  • Reduced downtime: Thanks to predictive maintenance, you can reduce downtime. This is especially important in manufacturing environments, where prolonged downtime can result in significant lost production costs.
  • Reduce waste: Detailed performance monitoring allows you to identify and reduce wasted energy and resources. This contributes to more efficient use of the compressor and a better resource management.
  • Staff training: MGF offers dedicated training to make the best use of all the features of your compressor and maximize the benefits of IoT, with immediately visible cost savings.
  • Long-term data analysis: Use data collected over time to analyze trends and identify ongoing savings opportunities. Analyzing long-term data can reveal areas for improvement that may not be immediately apparent.

At MGF, we believe it is essential to continue to invest in R&D, in new solutions aimed at giving a concrete advantage to the customer and making us always competitive. That’s why we also focus a lot on servitization and we believe that it is always important to offer not only a product but also a service to give even more value and proven answers to our customers.

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