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8 Questions To Ask While Viewing A Property


It’s an exciting time to buy a house. Finding the correct information and details can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. There’s no reason to panic. The online Mortgage advisor expert has created a list of eight questions you should ask before viewing any property. Let’s have a look.

How do I know what questions to ask when visiting a property for the first time?

#1. What is the average time it has been on the marketplace?

Don’t be afraid to ask why a house has been on the market for longer than four months. You might have overlooked problems other buyers have noticed, and the place might be too expensive.

#2. What time do sellers want to leave? Are they part of an estate sale chain?

It could take up to 12 weeks for your move if the sellers are in a chain, and you might only need to wait as little as four weeks if they aren’t in a chain.

#3. What direction does the property go?

We all want to live in a home with plenty of sunlight during the day. Ask the agent whether the garden is south-facing so that you can enjoy the maximum amount of the sun.

#4. Is the property currently listed? Is the property listed? If so, in what grade?

Although listed properties are attractive, they can often be a nightmare for repairs and improvements. If you have limited time or money and find a property you like, you might want to sell it.

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If the property is too stunning to pass up, you can expect to wait eight weeks to apply for Listed Building Consent. Talk to your local council’s Planning Services Department if the work is urgent.

#5. What is the average neighbor like?

You can be made miserable by noisy or troublesome neighbors. Ask the seller about your neighbors.

You will be able to find out if the seller of the house ever complained about the neighbors. The seller must disclose any neighbor disputes at the beginning of the conveyancing process.

#6. How is the area around you?

How are the schools? Is it a safe place to live? What are the transportation links? These are essential questions to ask when you view a property, and these questions can help you decide if this area is one you would be able to live comfortably in.

#7. What is the cost of running the property?

Learn about utilities, council taxes, and other costs associated with your property. This will allow you to budget effectively and help determine if the property is financially feasible.

#8. Are there any offers from the seller?

It is okay to offer a lower price if your agents don’t inform you that the seller will only accept the asking price. However, it would help if you didn’t offer more than 25% less than the asking price. If you do this, the seller may not take your offer seriously and might ignore any improvements.

What other information do I need?

You can verify the validity of specific answers by conducting your research when you visit a property. You can get a good idea of the area by spending at least 20-30 mins looking around and walking around.

Experts recommend viewing the property in the morning and evening to see how traffic, lights, and the environment change. If you first view the property in daylight, consider it again in the evening.

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