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What You Need To Know When Purchasing Health Insurance

health insurance

When shopping for health insurance you need to take the necessary steps to find the best plan for yourself or your family. First and foremost, only an advisor who represents all the available companies (like Aetna, Blue Cross, and Humana) can shop for the best policy. It is important to not buy from someone who represents one insurance company and is trying to convince you that that one company has the best plan for you or your family.

Also, consumers need to be aware of websites that want you to buy a policy without speaking to a trained advisor. Purchasing health insurance is a very confusing process and an advisor can easily ensure that you get the policy that provides the coverage you need for your family.

Some other helpful tips:

1. Don’t get duped by health “Discount Cards.” These are cheaper than health insurance. Often people buy them thinking it is health insurance and it’s not. It is simply a discount off of medical services.

2. Always compare multiple policies and prices. There are more than 300 competitive plans in this market.

3. Clearly understand what is covered under your policy and what is not (ex. office visits might not be included).

4. Get creative-if one member of the family is not healthy, it might make sense to get them an individual policy and buy a separate family policy. This could save thousands of dollars.

6. Clearly understand the confusing “buzz words,” these include co-pay, deductible, co-insurance, and monthly premium.

7. Know all the details of the policy: Does it include a health savings account?

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